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1. Terms of the contract reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms and conditions of transactions, made through its online store, according to its needs. You are informed through this section about any changes, with their validity being defined from the moment they are posted on the website.

2. Information provided & Products

The company is committed to the validity of the information presented on its website, without prejudice to any technical or typographical errors that have escaped attention or have occurred unintentionally or due to any interruption of the website.

3. Limitation of liability

The company reserves the right to deliver the goods in cases of force majeure. The online store can not provide any guarantee for the availability of the products, but guarantees the timely information of the final consumers about their non-availability and the return of the money after the payment has been made.In no case is the online store liable for any claims of legal or civil and / or criminal nature or for any damage (positive, special or negative, which indicatively and not restrictively, divisively and / or cumulatively consists in loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) from visitors of the website or third parties due to a reason related to the operation or not and / or the use of the website and / or inability to provide services and / or information available from it and / and from any unauthorized interference by third parties with products and / or services and / or information available through it.

4. Intellectual property rights

All kinds of trademarks used on the website are protected by Greek, EU and international trademark laws.

All content on the website, including images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, information, services and products are not the intellectual property of, do not bind the company and are mentioned only for identification use.

5. User Responsibility

The users of the website accept that they will not use the online store of the company M.LAMPIRI & CO OE. for:

1. sending, publishing, emailing or otherwise transmitting any content that is illegal for any reason, causes unlawful infringement and damage to the COMPANY or any third party or violates the confidentiality or confidentiality of any person

2. sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content that offends users' morals, social values, minority, etc.

3. posting, publishing, emailing or otherwise transmitting any content for which users do not have the right to transmit in accordance with the law or applicable contracts (such as inside information, property and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of work relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements)

4. sending, publishing, emailing or otherwise transmitting any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of others;

6. intentional or unintentional violation of applicable law or regulations

7. harassment of third parties in any way

8. collect or store personal data about other users.

6. Links to the site

The company is not responsible for operations, omissions or failures of other websites, which through affiliates programs or corporate banner links are linked to


The company takes all the necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure your maximum possible safety. All information, which is related to your personal information and your transactions, is completely secure and confidential.

8.Protection of Personal Data

During your visit to the pages of and in order to order products, but also to ensure the possibility of communicating with you in order to inform you about our new products, you may be asked to declare information concerning you (name, profession , email address, date of birth, etc.). Any personal data you declare anywhere on the pages and the services of the website are intended exclusively for ensuring the operation of the respective service and may not be used by any third party (with the exception of where provided by the Law for the competent authorities only).
The data kept in the file may be communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and in accordance with the applicable legislative provisions. For any question or proposal or statement related to these matters please contact us at
At any time, the user reserves the right to information or to object to the further processing of his data in accordance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data.

9. Order cancellation policy

If the online order has been completed, you can call within 24 hours at 210-8943608, 210-8947376 or at the email address and one of our associates will take care of canceling your order.

10. Product return policy

You have the right to return the products you purchased only in cases where there was a defect in them due to the proven fault of and within 20 days of receiving them. Returns are only accepted if the products have not been used and are in the same condition as when you received them.